Jenny McCarthy Dazzles In Versace As She Throws Hubby Donnie Wahlberg An Epic 50th Birthday Party

Jenny McCarthy Dazzles In Versace As She Throws Hubby Donnie Wahlberg An Epic 50th Birthday Party
Credit: Source: Breichert75/Instagram

Donnie Wahlberg celebrated his 50th birthday on August 17, 2019, and his wife Jenny McCarthy threw him an epic Versace party. Jenny looked gorgeous for the event and her beauty team shared plenty of photos of The Masked Singer judge in all her glory. Photos of Jenny surfaced on hair stylist's Rick Henry's Instagram page and fans were awed by how gorgeous Jenny looked. At 46-years-old, Jenny is age-defying and dazzled in Versace and photos of she and Donnie are going viral across social media networks.

Makeup artist Angee Garibyan of Beauty By Angee did Jenny's stunning makeup and also shared several photos of Jenny looking fabulous. Speaking to Us Weekly, Jenny spoke about the party and how she spared no expense when celebrating the birth of her man. Jenny stated the following.

"I’ll be paying this party off until I’m 90, truly. I’m going as far as I can without filing for bankruptcy. I wanted to give him, like, the greatest party ever because he’s been the most wonderful human being — not only with me but with everyone he knows."

You may see some photos of Jenny from Donnie's birthday bash below.

Page Six had all the details for the Versace themed bash and gave the scoop on all of Jenny's Versace outfits that she wore throughout the night. Jenny wasn't the only one who changed outfits during the bash as Donnie also wore several outfits.

While Donnie Whalberg's birthday is August 17, his son Elijah's birthday is August 20th. At the birthday party, Donnie gave a special shoutout to his son Elijah who has turned 18-years-old. Donnie posted photos of Elijah on his official Instagram account.

Check out Page Six's report about Jenny McCarthy's Versace-themed party for Donnie Wahlberg below.

Though Donnie didn't talk about his own birthday on his official Instagram page, the Blue Bloods star did speak about Elijah's 18th birthday. Donnie shared ten photos of Elijah throughout the years along with the following caption.

"Happy 18th Birthday to the coolest young man I’ve ever known — @lijah_wahlberg! There aren’t words to describe the levels of pride I feel for you — as a son, as a friend, a compassionate human being, as a student, a teacher, a creator, as a wise soul and as a cooler kid at 18 than I ever was. One of the greatest blessings in my life has been to bare witness to you becoming the wonderful young man that you are. I love you son. Now, let’s hope we can get our @celtics to win #Banner18 in honor of your 18th year! Happy #BornDay @lijah_wahlberg 🙏🏼❤️💯🙌🏼."

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