Jennifer Williams Slams Shaunie O'Neal With This Nasty Comment -- 'Basketball Wives' Fans See A Lot Of Drama Lately

Jennifer Williams Slams Shaunie O'Neal With This Nasty Comment -- 'Basketball Wives' Fans See A Lot Of Drama Lately
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As the tension on the Basketball Wives set continues to rise, the relationships between some cast members have deteriorated to alarming levels.

A recent statement by Jennifer Williams had her criticizing co-star Shaunie O'Neal of being fake and accusing her of various other things.

In the end, Williams claimed that O'Neal was a fraud, although she did not go into too much detail about her exact stance on the matter.

A fan had this to say to Jennifer about the fact that she was not invited to Costa Rica by writing: "Shaunie and her biased a** needs to get TF onnnnnn."

Jennifer responded by saying: "Sis is a fraud…"

She also took the opportunity to share her thoughts on the rumors that Ogom "OG" Chijindu will not be part of the reunion show.

She wrote: "Y'all don't want @iHeartOG on the stage, but last year y'all wanted @iamjennifer to come so y'all could attack her."

One fan told her: "I love what u said, love. If you can see it, you can achieve it! Never give up chasing your dreams, but where I from theirs some people who will try stop you even if its lien, downich your name, envy you for your accomplishment or achievement or just merely jealous of you because of it's you. And if you zoom in and take an in-depth look, this is happening all over the world Tru facts. 💯"

Meanwhile, Shaunie herself has dropped various hints that things are not moving in the right direction on the show's set.

While Shaunie has been a bit cryptic about the situation and has not shared exactly what is wrong behind the scenes, she has implied that there might be a serious revision of the show's cast towards the end of its current season.

It would not be the first time the cast members of Basketball Wives have found themselves in a threatening situation like this, but it does look like things have gotten particularly serious in recent days/weeks.

Whether they will continue to be controversial is hard to tell, because a lot is being kept under wraps about the show's progress so far.

One thing is clear, though -- Basketball Wives has quickly managed to generate more drama than many other productions of its caliber, and the reality TV series has a lot more potential in this regard too.

Fans, who are looking for drama above all else, will definitely enjoy what this production has to offer, especially in its recent -- and upcoming -- episodes.


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