Jennifer Williams Is Stunning In Her Latest Photos, But The 'Basketball Wives' Star Is Accused Of Skin Bleaching -- Her Fans Defend Her

Jennifer Williams Is Stunning In Her Latest Photos, But The 'Basketball Wives' Star Is Accused Of Skin Bleaching -- Her Fans Defend Her
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A new picture from Jennifer Williams broke the star's social media silence since the reality TV star was staying away from the spotlight after the eighth season of Basketball Wives had ended.

Williams surprised her numerous fans with a freshly-taken selfie on her Instagram page recently.

Captioned with "Fall vibes…," the photograph revealed Jennifer's face from a close angle and allowed for followers to take a close look upon her flawless skin.

For her selfie, the Basketball Wives star was wearing a denim jacket and furry scarf from Louis Vuitton.

The media personality wore her black curly hair kept in a thick ponytail, which revealed her oversized hoop earrings that appeared to be made from gold.

The new photo did not remain unnoticed for a long time, and soon a lot of Instagram users were commenting on Williams' good looks.

However, it was suggested that Williams looked so incredible, mainly because she has been trying to lead a relatively peaceful life lately.

Meanwhile, fans of the reality TV star were concerned that Williams might part ways with Basketball Wives " soon, she shared a photo in September that was titled with words about how excited she was about her next chapter after the scandals with her co-stars.

The post got many followers of the reality television star to wonder if she was done with the show, and many commented asking for more information.

In a past interview dating from last year, Williams stated she would like to move forward in her life. Also, the model had shared before that she desired to experience being a mother someday.

The sizzling photo also sparked a new scandal with one fan asking Williams about bleaching her skin.

The person asked: "Did you bleach your skin? You still look beautiful, but chill on that."

This fan showed support and defended her: "I’m sure she didn’t have a good phone camera is what it’s called🤦🏾‍♀️. Truly the definition of aging like fine wine 🍷. Hurry up and card me so I can sit at the bar and ask for a drink, lol."

Another backer wrote: "They hate you because naturally beautiful. Remain humble, well-poised, and confident and always stay true to yourself..I admire your admiration doll! She's a Jewel and a Dream and a Boss on the scene. I really mean... you're a Treasure and a Queen."

This critic said: "I get the show is reality TV, and we as fans make the conscious decision to watch. However, seeing beautiful Black Women showing zero levels of professionalism is disappointing. The saddest part of this situation is NONE of the women have the heart to check themselves. #unprofessional #sillywoman #growup #letitgo."

She is making a real comeback.

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