Jennifer Williams Goes For Braids With New Hairdo - 'Basketball Wives' Star Shares Photos Showcasing Fun Look

Jennifer Williams Goes For Braids With New Hairdo - 'Basketball Wives' Star Shares Photos Showcasing Fun Look

Jennifer Williams is going for something new when it comes to her hairstyle. The former Basketball Wives star decided to sport braids as summer gets ready to the leave the scene.

Hair artist Deidra Chattams, who has quite a following in the industry, is the one responsible for the change.

Jennifer is pleased with her new hairdo, and she just cannot stop talking about it on social media.

Who can blame her for liking the stunning new style? Jennifer looks beautiful with the blonde braids that tilt on one side and scream she is ready to have some fun.

Fans simply love it, and she has shared a couple of updates and photos that showcase the 'do.

The first one read: "Summer braids, who dis? Thank you @dcthehairartist for my braids! I'm so happy I don't have to do my hair."

She was wearing a white tank top and decided to bless her followers with a decent amount of cleavage.

In a second caption where she is seen dressed in a green romper accompanied by a good friend, she wrote: "Sunday funday with my girl @janet_loves_it always a good time! Love you."

Earlier today, she posted another picture and this time, she chose a black jumpsuit with matching shoes. The braids were again front and center.

The caption read: "I'm not for everybody and I'm not trying to be... Oh and this little jumpsuit droppin to @classygirlwardrobe soon."

Again, her supporters mostly focused on the hair. Some did find the outfit to be a little bit too retro for their taste. Nonetheless, most commenters said that she looked amazing.

People seem to agree that this is a classy look coming from a woman who is confident in her lane.

The updates about her hairdo are a form of distraction for Jennifer who has spent much time watching the news lately and she is troubled by all what is going on the world.

Over the weekend, she shared: "Praying for everyone's safety in Burbank & surrounding areas with the fires... #GlobalWarmingIsReal #CloseToHome."

She also added: "The Bible predicts all these natural disasters that are happening."

Her fans think that she might be right.

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