Jennifer Tilly Claims Keanu Reeves And Alexandra Grant Have Been Together For 'Years'

Jennifer Tilly Claims Keanu Reeves And Alexandra Grant Have Been Together For 'Years'
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When it was revealed by multiple outlets that Keanu Reeves was in a relationship with Alexandra Grant, Jennifer Tilly was shocked by the surprising fan reaction because she knew the couple had been dating "for years," Page Six has learned.

While speaking with journalists at the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women Dress Collection last night, the star recalled the time she found out that Alexandra and Keanu Reeves were dating. The 61-year-old, Tilly, shared that Alexandra was "so cool" that she thought she was a lesbian.

As it was previously reported, in November, the 55-year-old Reeves and the 46-year-old, Grant, appeared at the Lacma Art + Film Gala together while holding hands. Fans immediately speculated they were dating, and for good reason.

According to Tilly, however, it came as a big surprise to her because Grant and Keanu had gone to several events as a couple, so the sudden shock among the fans appeared out of place to her. Tilly added that they've been together for "several years."

The star claims Keanu and Grant are actually perfect for each other because they're both "very low key." Moreover, Tilly believes it's part of the reason why everyone was so happy to hear about the romance because they're kind of like the "perfect couple."

Regarding whether or not they'll marry sometime in the future, Tilly explained that it didn't seem very "hip" or "bohemian" to her, so marriage may not be in the cards. Jennifer claims that they're both artists, so they're going to do what they want.

Despite what Jennifer had to say, many fans on social media were shocked by the revelation of their relationship due to the supposed age difference. However, it was later revealed that Grant simply chose to keep her hair gray, and she isn't actually older than Keanu.

Last year, Grant took to her Instagram to explain why she willingly chose to let her hair turn gray, rather than dying it. Suzy Kerr reported at the time that Grant had posted several studies noting how women who regularly used hair dye had a higher risk of breast cancer.


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