Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Unbelievable Abs In Barely There Pink Bathing Suit

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Unbelievable Abs In Barely There Pink Bathing Suit
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The multi-talented woman continues to defy time with her incredible looks that have somehow only gotten better in the last 25 years! Jennifer Lopez loves to work out and take care of her health, and it really shows!

The triple threat took to social media earlier today to show off her fit body and it is safe to say her followers are very motivated to adopt her lifestyle, seeing the results.

In the photo that she posted, Jen can be seen rocking a very tiny pink bathing suit that left almost nothing to the imagination as well as her signature shades.

But most importantly, she looks like a proper bodybuilder these days!

Her rock hard abs and all other types of equally hard muscles that she has were on display and it is unbelievable that Lopez is not half her actual age!

Fans were obviously not the only ones impressed as her fiancé Alex Rodriguez showed her some love and so did Lenny Kravitz.

In the caption, J.Lo. revealed that she was at work: ‘I'm a hustler baby... I just want you to know... #Ramona on fire. ‘On set and in character for #hustlersmovie #stxentertainment.’

As you may know, Lopez is currently shooting a movie titled Hustlers.

The storyline focuses on a group of former strip club employees who team up to con their Wall Street clients and J.Lo.’s character is their leader in the whole scheme.

The plot draws inspiration from a New York Magazine article that became viral.

As for the cast, Lili Reinhart, Julia Stiles and Constance Wu are also big names joining Jennifer on that list.

In addition, Cardi B is also in this movie, making her acting debut, and since she was a stripper in real life, the role fits her like a glove.

The film is expected to be released sometime next year.

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