Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Short, Natural Hair As She Heads To The Gym - Check It Out!

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Short, Natural Hair As She Heads To The Gym - Check It Out!
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Jennifer Lopez looks stunning no matter what kind of look she goes for! The triple threat was rocking her natural hair when she was photographed by the paparazzi going to the gym with no extensions.

Regardless, J.Lo. still looked beautiful and also in the shape of her life!

Obviously, that’s no secret since the 50 year old actress, singer and dancer often gets praised for her incredible body and youthful appearance. It’s like she never ages!

With her wrinkle free face and toned body that is better than the vast majority of women’s half her age, is it any surprise that she always manages to stun no matter what she does?

That being said, when she showed up in public rocking her shorter, natural hair, it was like a reminder for the fans that she is also human.

Of course, that’s not so say she looked average in the slightest! Just a bit more relatable!

After all, who needs their extensions at the gym?

Jen’s hair is beautiful but not as fancy and styled as her usual red carpet looks.

Since those have made fans used to her looking like a true goddess, the change quickly made headlines.

The shoulder-length hair was a bit wavy and messy judging by the candid pics.

The artist had on a black crop top and camo print leggings along with a pair of white trainers.

The athletic clothes hugged her every curve, highlighting her out of this world body.

She was also carrying a personalized black crystal cup from Guess that had the letters ‘J.Lo’ written in silver sparkles.

In the other hand, the star had her phone, heading to the gym to work out!

After all, one can’t stay in such an enviable shape with no serious hard work and dedication!

Thankfully, it really seems like she enjoys the gym time so that's great!

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