Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Incredible Abs After Sweaty Workout

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Incredible Abs After Sweaty Workout
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The triple threat is never shy when it comes to showing off her fit body! After all, Jennifer Lopez is 50 years old and is also in the shape of her life so it makes perfect sense she'd want to flaunt it.

That being said, the singer and actress likes to post pics of her unbelievable body quite a lot and this time was no exception.

Jen took to social media to post a mirror selfie in which she put her rock hard abs on display for the world to admire and be jealous of!

The celeb, who was wearing a yellow top and multi-colored sweatpants, was glistening due of how sweaty she was, adding even more to the sultry fitness picture.

Sure enough, Lopez also acknowledged the fact that she had been sweating by writing in the caption: ‘Sweaty SoLful Sundays.

The lifestyle update also dubbed as a promotion for her collab with the luxury yoga brand Niyama Sol, which the superstar was rocking in the snap.

It’s safe to say that her followers really loved the picture!

This became pretty evident through the fact that they proceeded to gush over her in the comment section, writing things like: ‘You are my motivation!’ / ‘I need this waist and that cup!’

Jennifer Lopez’s impressive abdomen is not something she just now showed the world in a public setting for the first time.

In fact, her midsection is often on display while out and about, be it for professional outings and personal ones as well.

If you got it, flaunt it, right? Besides, it’s inspirational to many and it looks great too so why not show it off, right?

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