Jennifer Lopez Showed A Shirt That Will Be In Fashion With The Onset Of Autumn

Jennifer Lopez Showed A Shirt That Will Be In Fashion With The Onset Of Autumn
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Jacket - a warm shirt-jacket, as if taken from a boyfriend - the singer's choice for a relaxed look, which she changed into immediately after training.

Jennifer Lopez actively keeps fit with daily workouts: the paparazzi already know which halls and dance studios should be waiting for a celebrity.

This time, the actress and singer left another Los Angeles dance class in the company of a film crew with a displeased look and looked very serious.

Instead of the usual leggings of bright colors, crop tops, and relaxed hoodies, J. Lo tried on a look in the style of the 1990s, which, we are sure, would be appreciated by normcore fan Ben Affleck .

In wide-leg jeans with decorative stitching and silly lace-up boots in military style, Jennifer paired with aviator glasses, her favorite accessory, a classic white leather bag, and a warm jacket - a hybrid of a shirt, jacket, and jacket that can keep out the cold wind and looks stylish.

Outerwear in a large cage looked brutal on the star, but it seems that this is exactly what J. Lo was trying to achieve by putting on such an image.

What remains unchanged from outfit to outfit of the singer is hoop earrings - Lopez has been adoring them for several decades and is already associated with this jewelry. Now Jennifer Lopez shirt that will be in fashion with the onset of autumn

In a previous post, Those who seek to get in good physical shape or want to consolidate the result need to exercise regularly, giving the body a load.


In the summer, it is more pleasant to do it on the street: nature, fresh air, and the sun perfectly dilute the standard routine of athletes who disappear for hours in fitness clubs and gyms. Plus, being outdoors, you can also get a tan.

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