Jennifer Lopez Shares When She Knew Alex Rodriguez Was 'The One' For Her

Jennifer Lopez Shares When She Knew Alex Rodriguez Was 'The One' For Her
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It seems like it took Jennifer Lopez a while before she finally realized that Alex Rodriguez is the one for her. That being said, she was not in a hurry to tie the knot with him, but now that they are engaged, she couldn’t be happier!  So when did she reach the conclusion that the sportsman was her other half and that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him?

It’s no surprise that she took it slow since she was married three times before and it obviously did not work out.

Jennifer was not even planning on marrying anyone for a fourth time but A-Rod managed to change her mind, it seems.

While on SiriusXM, J.Lo. was asked when she knew she wanted to marry her man.

The multitalented star explained: ‘Get married again? I am very weary after everything that I have been through. Probably like a year in, because I was sussing it out until then. I do not know, ‘maybe yes maybe no. I love him, I like him.’ Everything seemed too perfect too soon.’

‘So it made me a bit like ‘hey wait, what is happening here? Let me just wait a second’ so when it happened (his proposal) I think it was the right time. We both knew,’ she added.

The man popped the big question on March 9 while on vacation in the Bahamas together. Very romantic!

Jen raved over how perfect they are for one another, saying that ‘It is great to have a best friend and partner you can build with, and I  feel like with Alex and I that is what it’s like. We're both very similar.’

She explained that they are both career driven so it is great that she has someone who understands sometimes she just wants to work hard and that does not mean she doesn’t love him!

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