Jennifer Lopez Says That Alex Rodriguez Was 'Devastated' By Kobe Bryant's Death

Jennifer Lopez Says That Alex Rodriguez Was 'Devastated' By Kobe Bryant's Death
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Jennifer Lopez joined the ranks of many other celebs who've commemorated Kobe Bryant after he died this past Sunday in a helicopter crash.

Entertainment Tonight claims that the 50-year-old singer-songwriter shouted out to the LA Lakers alum while at a Miami press conference shortly before her and Shakira's performance at the Super Bowl. When asked about her thoughts on the passing of Mr. Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, J-Lo shared that her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, was particularly saddened by the news.

Reportedly, both Rodriguez and J-Lo were very close with both Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa. According to the singer/actress, she and her husband were devastated to hear the news. J-Lo claims her man came to her with tears in his eyes, stating that she wouldn't believe what happened.

J-Lo claims Rodriguez knew Mr. Bryant more than her. The two professional athletes came up together at the same time, and also achieved similar success. J-Lo, on the other hand, didn't know Vanessa and Kobe as much, but they did come to her last show in Las Vegas.

The singer-songwriter noted how the death of the legendary athlete affected a lot of people. Moreover, she explained that Kobe's death really highlighted the fragility of life, and how people should learn to appreciate every single day.

Furthermore, the actress stated she felt particularly bad about Vanessa, and how her husband's death would affect her life. Fans of the basketball player know that she and Kobe had three other kids, Capri, Bianka, and Natalia.

Kobe Bryant died on Sunday when he and a group of his friends and acquaintances banked and then hit the ground at high speeds. According to Sky News, the NTSB noted that the helicopter likely hit the ground in what Ms. Homedy described as a "higher-energy-impact crash."

Ara Zobayan, the pilot who had 8,000 flight hours under his belt, said to an air traffic controller that he was trying to clear the clouds before they lost contact. There was heavy fog in the area.


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