Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Threw A Tantrum Backstage Ahead Of Her Controversial Grammys Performance

Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Threw A Tantrum Backstage Ahead Of Her Controversial Grammys Performance
Credit: Source: CBS

Jennifer Lopez reportedly suffered a major meltdown at this year’s Grammys. The singer, who is usually easygoing, allegedly acted like a diva to staff members and was one of the worst people to work with at the awards ceremony.

“Jennifer wouldn’t allow anyone to tell her what to do,” an insider dished. “She definitely lived up to her reputation as difficult.”

The source told Radar Online that Lopez demanded special treatment for her and her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez . This includes telling staff to give them their own dressing room backstage, something none of the other celebrities were awarded. Things got even worse once rehearsals got underway.

The insider claims that Lopez kept yelling at her dancers and was visibly frustrated with how the rehearsal was going. She later demanded special treatment over everyone else at the ceremony, including Lady Gaga. Although Lopez and Gaga posed with each other on the red carpet, the source says it was a huge show for the cameras. There was apparently no love lost between the women once the cameras stopped rolling.

Apart from her alleged diva-like behavior, Lopez also received backlash for leading the Motown tribute at the Grammys. Fans were disappointed by the fact that Lopez led the arrangement, despite not having any African American roots – and they expressed their outrage on social media.

After hearing about the criticism, Lopez defended her performance and told fans that people should be able to sing whatever they want, regardless of their race or ethnicity. Legendary Motown singer, Smokey Robinson, agreed with Lopez and slammed anyone who gave her grief as being “stupid.”

Lopez added that she dedicated her Motown performance to her mom, who has been a big fan of the genre all of her life. She also admitted that she almost cried during the concert and that signing Motown in front of millions of people fulfilled a life-long dream.

Jennifer Lopez has not commented on the rumors surrounding her negative behavior at the Grammys.

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