Jennifer Lopez Releases Emotional Video Response To Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Win

Jennifer Lopez Releases Emotional Video Response To Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Win
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This Saturday, Jennifer Lopez shared an emotional message on her social media in which she celebrated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' win over Donald Trump, the incumbent president.

On her Instagram account, Jennifer wrote that she was "so happy this morning," before going on to say that "everyone" was going to have a "better day," and a more united nation in the future. The pop star went on to say she was "crying tears of joy."

Lopez says she hopes everyone can move on and love and appreciate each other. It's now time for everyone to start the healing process, Jennifer explained, and for everyone to unite again in a common goal and mission.

As most know, Lopez has been a big supporter of the Democratic Party amid the 2020 presidential campaign. In October, Lopez and Alex Rodriguez appeared at an event for the Latino community in which both parties spoke to encourage more voter turn out.

Rodrigue and Lopez aren't the only celebrities and entertainment industry figures who have supported Biden from the beginning. For instance, Hailey Baldwin took to her social media earlier this weekend to blast Us Weekly for their false pregnancy story, but also to shout out to the winner of the 2020 election.

Cardi B, as well, has been very vocal in her support of the Democratic party this year. Many critics and analysts have argued that the election this year wasn't meant to be a win for Joe Biden, but merely a way to get rid of Trump.

On the weekend, Cardi B uploaded a post featuring Kamala Harris dancing along to one of her songs. The rapper expressed her admiration for the vice-president-elect and insinuated she looked forward to seeing her and Joe in office.


As it was previously reported, Joe Biden was announced as the winner of this year's presidential election on Saturday after taking some of the key swing states, including Pennsylvania. Initially, it looked like Trump was going to win the state, however, the mail-in ballots wound up putting Biden much further ahead than the incumbent president.

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