Jennifer Lopez Puts Her Curves On Full Display In New Bathing Suit Selfie

Jennifer Lopez Puts Her Curves On Full Display In New Bathing Suit Selfie
Credit: Source: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez is putting her curves on full display in a new Instagram bikini photo where the 50-year-old multi-hyphenate says she is refreshed and recharged. It's hard to believe that Jennifer carried twins with those flawless abs, but she did. Without one trace of fat on her body, Jennifer showed off her age-defying beauty and perfect physique that has kept her on the top of her professional game. After leaving fans speechless with a Super Bowl halftime show that included pole dancing, Jennifer has proved that age is nothing but a number — especially for those who don't seem to be aging.

It didn't take long for Instagram followers to sound off over Jennifer's amazing body and the photo quickly set social media ablaze with more than four million people sharing their likes for the picture and over 70,000 comments. Many fellow celebrities offered their praise and approval of Jennifer's stunning physique that continues to defy the laws of gravity and aging.

Speaking about her Super Bowl performance that stirred controversy to E! News while at the 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards, Jennifer explained the meaning behind the performance to not only herself but Shakira as well.

"It was an amazing moment for us. The message was really about women and Latinos raising their voices and stepping up and not being afraid to stand up for yourselves and everything I want to pass down to not just my daughter but all the little girls on that stage and be proud of who you are, to speak up for yourself, know your worth and your value. That was the message. I think for women everywhere, that was the message."

What did you think about Jennifer Lopez's and Shakira's Super Bowl performance? Do you join those who felt the performance was too risque? Do you think that Jennifer's dance moves were inappropriate for television viewing audiences or do you think the people who took issue with her performance were overreacting?

What do you think about Jennifer Lopez's bikini selfie and flawless body? Are you amazed that she is aging so well and will turn 51-years-old this year?

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