Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Her In Sync Love Life With Alex Rodriguez And Great Career

Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Her In Sync Love Life With Alex Rodriguez And Great Career
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Jennifer Lopez is happier than she’s ever been both from a personal and professional point of view. Not only is she currently promoting her upcoming movie, Hustlers, she is also in a stable and loving relationship with her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez.

As fans remember, the sports star popped the big question back in March and they are still going great.

But her love life and her career were not always this in sync.

This is what the triple threat confessed while chatting with Variety in a new interview.

According to J.Lo., after welcoming her 11 year old twins, Max and Emme with former husband Marc Anthony she really struggled.

‘I had the kids and wasn't being offered a whole bunch of stuff. I really focused on my marriage. I was going around with Marc. Went on 2 or 3 tours with him. I realize now that it was necessary, even though it was a very tough time,’ she told the news outlet.

And that was not all! She would also deal with directors talking about her butt during meetings.

‘They would never say to a guy, 'Your d**k's really big,’ Jennifer pointed out, dismayed.

As for how she managed to change things for the better, the star credited her gig on American Idol for it.

However, people would advise her not to take the job!

‘Everybody was like, 'Do not do this. Your career would be over, and they will not offer you any movies. They will think you are a joke as an artist.’ And I was like, 'The truth is, I am not getting offered a whole bunch of movies [anyway.]’’

Nowadays, Jennifer is not only busy with her career but Alex is really supportive in everything she does, something she really appreciates.

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