Jennifer Lopez Looks Stunning In Blue Bathing Suit And No Makeup At The Beach!

Jennifer Lopez Looks Stunning In Blue Bathing Suit And No Makeup At The Beach!
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Jennifer Lopez is always defying time with her ageless beauty and she doesn’t even need makeup or carefully styled hair to stun everyone in her way! The multitalented star had a great time at the beach and she was totally in her element in her natural state – no makeup, no extensions!

But not only did she go for an all natural look for the day but she also rocked a super cute blue halter top bathing suit that showed off her toned body.

It’s no secret that the star is in the shape of her life and the poster image of heath these days so she never hesitates to show off the results of her hard work in the gym and incredible willpower when it comes to sticking to her diet.

The 50 year old Hollywood celeb has been more confident than ever which is also why she’s been going out all natural as of late.

The fresh beauty was evident when she went for a ‘morning meditation’ session yesterday.

This is what she told her many followers in the caption alongside a number of clips she posted on her IG Stories.

One of the stories included a selfie clip of Lopez posing for the camera in which her high cheekbones were perfectly defined without the help of contour or bronzer!

She did not need long hair either to look like she belonged in the sea, bewitching unfortunate sailors with her siren song.

This is not the first time she showed off her natural hair which is a shaggy, curly bob, reaching her shoulders.

She actually debuted the hairstyle last month when she was caught on camera by the paparazzi heading to the gym.

Even though it was a candid picture, J.Lo. looked amazing!

Still, it made many headlines since it seemed like a huge style change from her usually long and silky extensions!

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