Jennifer Lopez Finally Reveals Who That Mystery Man In The Background Of Her Gym Selfie Was!

Jennifer Lopez Finally Reveals Who That Mystery Man In The Background Of Her Gym Selfie Was!
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While a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer Lopez addressed that one mystery on which her fans have been focusing, on social media! As you might know, hawk-eyed followers of J.Lo. noticed there was an unidentified man in the background of her latest gym selfie and could not help but be curious as to who it was!

Now, the triple threat is setting the record straight following some wild theories, some more serious than others.

As it turns out, it was only a random person on a computer screen and not someone actually there at the time!

She clarified that ‘That was a Zoom!’ adding that fiance Alex Rodriguez ‘didn't have a gym at the house. So we got a bunch of, like, we got a bench and a few weights, and I have rehearsal mirrors back there for dance rehearsals, which I always do in the house.’

‘There's a man behind you like this!’ the host pointed out, covering his mouth with his hand.

Lopez laughed and replied with: ‘Yeah, I don't know what he was doing. If he was sneezing or maybe coughing…It was a real estate guy that Alex was on Zoom with. I don't know. But we have been working out a lot.’

Jen has been staying busy in quarantine and not just by spending most of her time in the gym.

The star has also been involved in World of Dance in addition to her upcoming movie, Marry Me, being in post-production!

She revealed that one scene was even filmed at her house via Zoom!

‘It was crazy. It wasn't the ideal way to make films. You do not want to do it. But I was here while Maluma was in Colombia, and we were doing this pickup scene we had to do. And it was like thirty people on Zoom watching and, the kids helping with the slate,’ the artist told Fallon.

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