Jennifer Lopez Finally Hears From Her Family In Puerto Rico

Jennifer Lopez Finally Hears From Her Family In Puerto Rico

Jennifer Lopez finally heard from her family in Puerto Rico after she announced during a press conference that she hadn't heard from them in weeks! After Hurricane Irma and Maria swept through the Carribean islands leaving the entire nation of Puerto Rico without power, Jennifer announced her pledge of $1 million to the victims in the country.

In her post today, Tomas said, "I'll never forget how good she's been to us" and especially to his brother. Her aunt continues by saying, ever since the beginning, Jen has shown so much love and compassion for those in distress.

She added that, although she never had time to get to know her superstar cousin, Adela will always remember the friendly three-year-old girl who cared about everyone around her.

In her post, Lopez wrote after six long days they found her family, so the "rebuilding" begins. On Wednesday, Marc Anthony and Lopez announced the creation of an organization called Somos Una Vos which means "We're One Voice" in Spanish.

The alliance features some of the biggest names in arts, sports, and celebrities in Hollywood and offers humanitarian relief to those in need.

As CI readers know, this year has proven to be particularly deadly as hurricane season in 2017 ravaged through not only several Caribbean Islands but Houston, Texas as well. The governor of Texas previously said the bill would be billions of dollars.

The administration for disaster relief in the United States said Texas should not rely on federal funds for the rebuilding of the destroyed city. Not only has there been hurricanes this year, but Mexico suffered its own disaster in the form of an earthquake. The catastrophe in Mexico City led to the death of over one hundred people.


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