Jennifer Lopez Drops Her Clothes And Puts Her Body On Full Display To Announce New Music

Jennifer Lopez Drops Her Clothes And Puts Her Body On Full Display To Announce New Music
Credit: Source: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez announced she's dropping a new single on Friday and she did so by dropping her clothes for a new photo. The picture will be the cover of her single "In The Morning" and fans can't wait to hear the song. The 51-year-old mother of twins put her body on full display and her photo quickly went viral. Jennifer has 133 million Instagram followers and her photo received more than 4.2 million likes.

Jennifer made sure that she struck a pose and rested her hand on her knee in a manner that protected her modesty from the camera. Still, she revealed enough of her figure to make people take notice and many were amazed at what great shape Jennifer is in, especially considering that she is middle-aged!

The only thing that Jennifer Lopez wore in the photo was her huge engagement ring from her fiance Alex Rodriguez.

Jennifer shared the photo along with this caption.

Surprise! Here’s the official cover art for #InTheMorning ✨ Single drops Friday ✨📸: @mertalas & @macpiggott

You may see the photo that Jennifer Lopez posted on Instagram below.

Source: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Fitness expert Tracy Anderson stated the following.

If this doesn’t break the internet nothing will 🤣!!!!!! WOW!!!! Can’t wait for the single and the beauty drop!!! ✨✨✨✨💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

Fans also noticed that Jennifer wore her hair in a short bob for the photoshoot. The nude photo follows Jennifer's recent performance at the 2020 American Music Awards.

Jennifer has been extremely busy and though she and Alex Rodriguez have placed their wedding plans on hold due to the pandemic, they are still very much in love and planning on getting married as soon as things settle down.

Jennifer has also been busy with her upcoming JLo Beauty launch that will see Jennifer's own beauty line. With a body and face like Jennifer's, there's no question that her new beauty line will be a huge success.

What do you think about Jennifer Lopez's racy photo?

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