Jennifer Lopez Ditches Engagement Ring From Alex Rodriguez In New Photo

Jennifer Lopez Ditches Engagement Ring From Alex Rodriguez In New Photo
Credit: Source: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez shared new photos to her official Instagram account and eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot she wasn't wearing her $1 million engagement ring from Alex Rodriguez . Alex was recently busted for texting Southern Charm's Madson LeCroy and though she says there was never anything inappropriate between the two, not everyone is convinced. Many think that Jennifer and Alex are through and talk that they have reconciled and are working out their differences is just a cover. Could those rumors be correct? Are J. Lo and A-Rod over?

Jennifer has been in the Dominican Republic filming her upcoming movie Shotgun Wedding and when the scandal broke, Alex Rodriguez quickly went to D.R. to visit her. Though reports suggested things were fine, many believe Jennifer's latest photos are sending a clear message — it's over!

The idea of someone cheating on Jennifer has left many of her loyal fans bewildered and angry. Jennifer is beloved for the multi-hyphenate, groundbreaking woman and artist she is and many believe that she is better off single than being disrespected, especially on a public platform. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez first announced their engagement in March 2019 and with two years past and no wedding, some suspect it isn't going to happen.

Jennifer and Alex haven't spoken publicly to announce if their engagement is over but some suspect J. Lo wants to keep the news quiet so the focus remains on her upcoming movie.

Jennifer looked age-defying as usual and her locks were noticeably blonder and much lighter than her brunette tresses.

You may see one of the photos that Jennifer Lopez shared on Instagram without her engagement ring below.

Jennifer Lopez photographed on April 11, 2021, without her engagement ring from Alex Rodriguez. Source: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Here is a photo of Jennifer Lopez where she proudly wore her engagement ring. Are those days gone forever?

Jennifer Lopez is seen wearing her $1 million engagement ring from Alex Rodriguez in a previous photo. Source: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

What do you think? Are Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez over for good?


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