Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Staying Together For Their Blended Family For Now

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Staying Together For Their Blended Family For Now
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According to reports, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez continue to work on their relationship while in the Dominican Republic, where she's currently working on a new movie, trying to fix their problems and focusing on their blended family.

In spite of headlines claiming the two stars are over, it sounds like that is not exactly the case!

Instead, J.Lo. and A-Rod are acknowledging their relationship issues and trying to save what they have as opposed to just walking away.

With that being said, a big reason why they are determined to stay together is their kids.

One source explained via HollywoodLife that 'Jennifer has not told her kids of any decisions in regards to Alex right now. It was just devastating for her to hear the news break when it did because she did not want them knowing anything was wrong. She does not have energy to even be mad.'

Previously, when the breakup news first came out, it was reported that Jennifer's twins as well as Alex's kids were blindsided to learn about it and also really hurt.

'Alex and Jennifer feel like they have a family right now. They may stay together a bit for the sake of the kids, but that is why they are together right now,' the insider went on to share.

J.Lo. and A-Rod started their relationship back in March of 2017 and got engaged two years later.

Ever since the beginning, they have appeared to be the ideal couple which is why fans were so shocked to learn about them breaking the engagement.

They were supposed to get married sometime last year but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the nuptials ended up being postponed a couple of times.


They have said before that they are not in a huge hurry to get married, however, but now that they are struggling, it might not take place at all anymore.

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