Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Go Viral For New Workout Video — Calls A-Rod Her Favorite Workout Partner

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Go Viral For New Workout Video — Calls A-Rod Her Favorite Workout Partner
Credit: Source: Mariel Haenn/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez is known worldwide for her flawless figure and age-defying curves. On Wednesday, June 26, 2019, she and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) both shared a workout video of the two spending time together staying in shape. A-Rod initially posted the video that Jennifer Lopez reposted to her own Instagram account and 95.5 million followers ensuring it would go viral. A-Rod thanked his good friend Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, for letting the pair use his facilities for training. Jennifer Lopez left the following comment on A-Rod's original post.

"Gettin’ it in w my fave workout partner!!!"

Though Jennifer Lopez did all of the talking in the workout video, you can see as she and Alex share a sweet, intimate kiss before the pair undertake some grueling sets. At one point, A-Rod playfully slaps JLo on the booty and you can see as she encourages him with some motivation to continue his workout.

Jennifer explained that she prefers to workout out on days that she has shows so that by evening she isn't feeling tight. She also stated that when she doesn't have a show to perform, she takes the day to rest.

"I like working out on show day, cause that's my work days. And it opens up my body so that at nighttime, I don't go in there stiff. Then when I don't have a show, I don't do anything. I just rest.

You may see the workout video with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez "A-Rod" in the video player below.

Jenifer Lopez's and A-Rod's video went viral and has over 1 million views. Comments were plentiful and while many praised Jennifer Lopez for her dedication to working out and staying fit, many people responded at how beautiful it was to see JLo and A-Rod working out together and spending time as a couple.

The couple first met 14 years ago, in 2005, but didn't begin dating until 2017. The couple has seemed inseparable and in love since going public with their relationship and became engaged in March 2019.

You can even see Jennifer Lopez's gorgeous engagement ring on her finger in the workout video.

What do you think of JLo's and A-Rod's early morning workout session?


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