Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Buy A $40 Million House In Miami

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Buy A $40 Million House In Miami
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Page Six said today that Jennifer Lopez and her man, A-Rod, just bought a $40 million house in Star Island near Miami Beach. The house comes with 10 bedrooms and 10 and-a-half bathrooms.

The 51-year-old pop star and the 45-year-old baseball player acquired an industrial-style chef's kitchen and other luxuries like views of the ocean and a private dock. Fans of the couple know they're frequently buying and selling real estate in the area.

For instance, they recently sold a house in Miami with the aid of Joanna and Chip Gaines . Moreover, the ex-Yankee player sold his house in the Hollywood Hills for an estimated $4.4 million in September 2019 after first buying it from Meryl Streep six years ago.

And in July, it was reported that J-Lo bought an LA property for $1.365 million. It was marketed as an eco-friendly home due to its various energy-saving amenities. The couple's home purchases don't come as a surprise.

A-Rod and J-Lo are going to get married soon , so they likely need a big enough home to house their children when they finally decide to have some together.

In addition to their ventures in real estate, Nick Markus reported back in July that J-Lo was continuing to work on her music career. Reports claimed J-Lo and Maluma began working on a new song together and fans freaked out at the news.

The news came around the same time as reports that Maluma and J-Lo were going to co-star in a movie together in which they portray a recently-engaged couple who break up before they get married.

Lopez took to her Snapchat to post an image of herself sitting on a couch while posing for the camera. Maluma sat next to her on the couch, and another post featured them laughing together and appearing to get ready to record.

Fans have also been wondering if the new song they're working on will be featured in the new movie, "Marry Me," which hasn't been released yet. The future of the project is unclear, but the coronavirus pandemic likely played a role.

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