Jennifer Lopez Almost Falls From A Balcony In Viral Video - Check Out Her Incredible Recovery!

Jennifer Lopez Almost Falls From A Balcony In Viral Video - Check Out Her Incredible Recovery!
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While at the premiere of her new movie, Hustlers, at the Toronto International Film Festival, Jennifer Lopez was caught on camera almost falling from a balcony! The viral video shows the star miraculously pulling herself up.

It was a really close one! J.Lo. was at the event and while she was waving at the audience at the venue, she appears to lose her balance and fall forward onto the balcony ledge that was overlooking the place.

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Thankfully, it did not take her long at all to recover, stopping herself from simply tumbling over the ledge by putting her hands forward, managing to save herself.

The footage obtained by TMZ also features the audience at TIFF gasping as they noticed the near fall.

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Just moments after that, however, they can also be heard cheering for the triple threat because of her great recovery.

It is still unclear what made her almost fall at this point but it could have been a dangerous situation if Lopez did not manage to grab onto the ledge before toppling over it.

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In response to the crowd cheering, Jennifer smiled and waved, standing tall.

The incident aside, Jen stunned on the red carpet, wearing a plunging yellow dress that also had a front slit.

As for the accessories, she wore a pair of silver open-toe stilettos and a clutch decorated with jewels representing a stack of money.

The clutch was not random, however! It was the celeb’s way of honoring her new movie since she plays a stripper.


The film's set to premiere in theaters near you on September 13 and features other big names in the industry such as: Cardi B, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart as well as Lizzo!

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