Jennifer Lawrence’s BFFs Hate Her Boyfriend And The Feeling Is Mutual!

Jennifer Lawrence’s BFFs Hate Her Boyfriend And The Feeling Is Mutual!

As it turns out, Jennifer Lawrence’s close friends are not big fans of her current love interest, Darren Aronofsky – in fact, they just can’t stand him at all!

If you thought that stars don’t have overprotective girlfriends you were wrong because Lawrence has a few that are at war with her boyfriend! How relatable!

According to an insider, even though Jennifer Lawrence is completely charmed by Darren, her friends pretty much hate him!

“Jen might be under Darren’s spell, but her girlfriends can’t stand him,” the source stated.

Meanwhile, it looks like the feelings are mutual because Darren is not at all interested in meeting her close pals and he is super upfront about it!

“It’s like he thinks they’re beneath him.”

Hm…it seems like her girlfriends may have a reason to hate him!

The source also claimed that the 48 years old director made enemies of Jen’s childhood friends and even managed to turn her against Amy Schumer, who he considers detrimental to her image and “low brow!”

What is even worse is the fact that while Jennifer’s friends wish the best for her and want her to be happy, ever since she started dating Darren she has been spending very little time with them.

She simply stopped making time for them, now that she is head over heels with her older, director boyfriend and that is not Okay. It makes her friends hate him even more!

“They miss their best friend — and they want her back,” explained the source.

Do you think the friends have a valid reason to dislike Jennifer’s man? Is he bad for her?


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