Jennifer Lawrence Says She Called Out Anderson Cooper For Suggesting She Faked Her Fall At The 2013 Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence Says She Called Out Anderson Cooper For Suggesting She Faked Her Fall At The 2013 Oscars
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According to Jennifer Lawrence , she once confronted Anderson Cooper , the CNN anchor, who supposedly insinuated she had faked her fall while at the 2013 Oscars. During her appearence on Heather McMahan's podcast, Absolutely Not, Lawrence, 30, explained how she went up to Anderson and talked to him about what he had said.

In case you never saw it, Jennifer Lawrence was walking up the stairs to grab her award for Best Actress when she fell down. Jennifer said to the host of the podcast that her "full brain went black," and while she looks back on it "fondly," it was a big thing for her at the time.

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Additionally, Lawrence claims Cooper made his comments while she was still getting over it. Lawrence claimed his remarks were "devastating" because it was such an embarrassing moment for her, and she doesn't know if she'll ever give a speech in the same way again.

Just a few months later, Lawrence says she ran into Cooper while at a holiday party and decided to go up to him and ask him about it. She says she asked him if he had ever walked upstairs before while wearing a ballgown. After saying no, she claims she asked him, "so then how do you know?"

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Lawrence went on to say that Cooper said sorry to her almost right away, and she was "all fired up." The actress went on to joke that Cooper probably went around telling everyone that she was a massive psycho. She added, "I think we're good friends now."

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Jennifer Lawrence was last in the headlines when she put Trump on blast for supposedly not condemning white supremacy. The actress claimed she had no intention of supporting a president who supports the concept.


Either way, Jennifer has stated that she has no intention of voting for the president during this year's election, meaning, she'll be casting her vote for the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden. During the same interview with McHahan, she claimed she actually grew up in a Republican household.


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