Jennifer Lawrence Says Motherhood Is Slowly Becoming Less Appealing To Her

Jennifer Lawrence Says Motherhood Is Slowly Becoming Less Appealing To Her

Catt Sadler from E! News sat down with Jennifer Lawrence recently to talk about her rise to fame, motherhood, and her new movie with boyfriend Darren Aronofsky.

And while many people would assume Jennifer would have nothing but nice things to say about becoming a mother, it looks her choice of words deviated from expectations.

When the Silver Lining's Playbook star was asked whether or not she wanted kids, she said, "not at all," and according to her, the idea of it is getting less and less appealing every day.

The actress joked that when she was 21-22-years-old, she could hardly wait to have kids but now she's not so sure.

It's a coincidence that J-Law isn't considering children, considering her newest movie - a psychological thriller directed by her boyfriend - is called "mother!"

Initially, Jennifer wasn't interested in doing the film because it was simply too dark, but after Darren explained the concept behind the script, she slowly began to change her mind.

The actress revealed that she didn't even want the screenplay to be in her house because it was so gloomy and depressing, but she began to understand and even agree with its message.

She eventually came to realize why Darren is often called a "genius." She claimed, "he's unafraid. He's bold, and I do agree with the message."

As for how Darren and Jennifer are doing in their new romance, sources have claimed their chemistry is off the charts. Darren in another interview claimed his 27-year-old girlfriend was a pleasure to work with. Lawrence has most recently been accused of being the cause of Anna and Chris Pratt's demise. However, it seems as though she already has a man in her life - she doesn't need Pratt!


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