Jennifer Lawrence Reveals That She Almost Had Cold Feet On Her Wedding Day

Jennifer Lawrence Reveals That She Almost Had Cold Feet On Her Wedding Day
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Jennifer Lawrence will be coming out with a new movie on Apple TV+ called Causeway on the 4th of November. In the movie, Jennifer will be playing a woman with the fear of committing to anything at all and in a recent interview with the New York Times, Jennifer revealed that she is a lot like her character in the movie in a lot of ways.

Jennifer recently married Cooke Maroney in 2019 and now the couple shares a little baby boy named Cy. However, this beautiful little family almost didn't happen as Jennifer reveals that she nearly called the wedding off due to cold feet.

Here is what she said in the interview with the New York Times:

"When you don't fully know yourself, you have no idea where to put yourself. And then I met my husband, and he was like, 'Put yourself here.' I was like, 'That feels right, but what if it's not?'"

She added, "It was coming out of my performance in all these different creative ways, but I wasn't conscious of it. Then I went back, and when I'm home with my husband making this family, I'm so happy I stayed. I'm so happy I didn't freak out and cancel the wedding and run away and go, 'I'll never be taken down!'"

Jennifer also revealed that she had a lot of mixed feelings about legally changing her last name to her husband's. She explained it in the following words:

"God, I had such a feminist meltdown about changing my name because it's my identity, it's the first thing I'm given."

However, Jennifer admitted that she liked having her husband's name and that she believes that her real name has already been taken from her, since that name belongs to the public, as everyone in the greater public still knows her as Jennifer Lawrence and probably forever will know her as Jennifer Lawrence. She explained it as follows:

"I was born with the name Jennifer Lawrence, but that got taken from me when I was 21 and I never got it back. So it didn't feel like I was giving up anything."

"That name already belongs to them," said Jennifer, suggesting that she means the public, "Jennifer Lawrence is Katniss Everdeen, I guess. Is that weird?"

Causeway comes out on Apple TV+ on the 4th of November.

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