Jennifer Lawrence Flips The Middle Finger During Screening Of "mother!"

Jennifer Lawrence Flips The Middle Finger During Screening Of "mother!"

Jennifer Lawrence is never shy when it comes to showing the world how she feels. On Friday, Jen showed us once again what it's like to be truly uninhibited after the actress flipped the bird during a Question and Answer session at the Academy Of Motion Picture Of Arts and Sciences.

In a report from the Daily Mail, the 27-year-old actress watched the film along with her boyfriend and director of the movie, Darren Aronofsky, 48.

After the screening of "mother!" took place, Lawrence and Darren took the stage to answer a series of questions regarding the production of the film along with the producer, Ari Handel, and Sara Wilkomerson who served as the mediator.

Allegedly, Lawrence told a story of how she hurt her diaphragm hyperventilating on set. Darren made fun of Jen's tendency to be dramatic by saying, "It's only a movie," to which Lawrence flipped him off in response!

With that said, it appeared to be a friendly joke as Darren seemed to be unbothered by the crude gesture. This kind of behavior is no surprise for fans of J-Law.

In fact, reporters in the past have addressed Jen's off-the-cuff actions! In a chat with Catt Sadler for E! News recently, Lawrence opened up about being uninhibited during interviews.

Catt asked her if she ever had any regrets about anything she says or does and Lawrence emphatically stated, "No!". According to the actress, she's merely being herself, and when it comes back to haunt her, it's just something she has to deal with.

Despite the star power of both Lawrence and Darren, the movie, "mother!", has received brutal reviews from audiences and some critics.

However, several critics have been more forgiving, considering it received a much better rating by professional writers on the review aggregator, Rotten Tomatoes. With that said, fans will have to see how the Academy feels about the movie during the Academy Awards ceremony next year.


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