Jennifer Lawrence Flashes Massive Engagement Ring In Her First Public Appearance Since Saying Yes To Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Lawrence Flashes Massive Engagement Ring In Her First Public Appearance Since Saying Yes To Cooke Maroney
Credit: Source: People

Fans have finally gotten the opportunity to see Jennifer Lawrence’s gorgeous engagement ring! Two weeks after Lawrence’s publicist revealed that Cooke Maroney proposed , the actress hit the red carpet at the Christian Dior runway show in Paris, and cameras finally got a clear shot of the huge rock.

Since her engagement, cameras have captured JLaw multiple times, but no one could get a close-up shot of the diamond on her left ring finger. However, photographers finally got their chance when Lawrence showed up to the fashion show rocking the diamond ring along with a beautiful gray dress accessorized with a black belt and sunglasses.

According to experts that spoke with Elle magazine, the emerald-shaped diamond ring looks to be between four and five carats, with an estimated value of around $200,000. president Andrew Fox said that the ring was “surprisingly modest,” and estimated between three and four carats, while gemologist Grant Mobley said the emerald-cut diamond was closer to four to five carats. However, they both agreed on the estimated value.

Mobley also said that the diamond appeared to be set in a “classic platinum four-prong solitaire mounting with a petite band.”

"The beauty of a classic mounting like this is that the center diamond is the main focus and can get all of the attention. Because there are no other stones or embellishments on the ring at all, you can tell that the natural center diamond was the most important part of this ring for the couple,” said Mobley.

He added that large, natural diamonds are becoming more and more rare, so the Oscar winner’s ring will retain its value.

Another expert disagreed with the first two ring assessments. Kathryn Money, VP of Strategy & Merchandising for Brilliant Earth, does believe that the ring is at least four carats. However, she says the setting is possibly white gold, not platinum. And, depending on the quality and characteristics of the diamond, the estimated value is between $60,000 and $100,000.

In case you were wondering who Maroney is and how he was able to drop a ton of cash on an engagement ring, he is a successful New York art dealer who currently works as the director of Gladstone 64. His dad is James Maroney, the former Head of American Paintings at both Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

However, when Cooke was little, his parents opted for a rural life and raised him on a farm in Vermont.

Cooke Maroney and Jennifer Lawrence met last summer through her best friend, Laura Simpson, but the couple has kept their relationship extremely private. They have not yet announced a wedding date.


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