Jennifer Hudson Faces New York Lawsuit From Photographer Who Claims She Stole His Photo

Jennifer Hudson Faces New York Lawsuit From Photographer Who Claims She Stole His Photo
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In the celebrity and entertainment world, stars are often nailed for using photographs of themselves that a photographer unsuspectingly took of them while going about their daily lives.

It's not uncommon for A-list celebrities to face $150,000 lawsuits when they post images of themselves on their Instagram, to which they don't actually own the copyright.

Putting it simply, when a photographer takes a picture of a celebrity in public, they essentially own the rights to that photo the moment the button is pressed. It doesn't matter who or what is in it, the photographer owns the rights to it.

For that reason, when a celebrity Googles themselves, finds an image, and posts it on their IG or social media account, especially if there is money involved, there is typically a legal fee to pay. Jennifer Hudson found that out earlier this week, Page Six reported.

A New York-based photographer filed a lawsuit against Jennifer Hudson for taking his photo and posting it on her social media. Reportedly, Fernando Ramales took a photo of the Dreamgirls star while she was rocking a pink blazer and stilettos.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in a Manhattan federal court. Reportedly, a news organization bought the rights to the picture and ran a story along with it on the 21st of December, 2019.

Just a few days after, the same photo found its way onto Hudson's Instagram page with the watermark removed. Jennifer thanked the Lord for being good to her in the comment section and said she was as grateful as grateful could be.

Thus far, the social media post has accrued 31,965 likes. Ramales is now seeking a payment of $175,000 and also attorney fees. He alleges that Hudson is guilty of infringing on his copyright.

Ramales attorney, Richard Liebowitz, said that "more and more celebrities" are using social sharing platforms like Instagram to communicate with fans. They often do so with photographs, however, the issue is that Hudson purportedly didn't ask for permission to use the aforementioned pic.

Moreover, Richard's lawyer accused Hudson of removing the watermark which was a big mistake. "You simply can't do that," Richard remarked.

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