Jennifer Garner’s Bodyguard Turned Love Interest "Has Her In Fits Of Giggles!"

Jennifer Garner’s Bodyguard Turned Love Interest "Has Her In Fits Of Giggles!"

Jennifer Garner was recently spotted in the company of her bodyguard and she was all smiles as they flirted.

It looks like the star might want to take revenge on her estranged husband Ben Affleck with whom she was reportedly back together for a while. In fact, their relationship is very complicated as their kids bind them and it looked like they were also working things out. But now, it seems like every other day they seem in love again only for it to all crumble down the next day.

They are the definition of “complicated” when it comes to romance.

Now, Garner might feel like she is entitled to have some fun considering that the reason why they decided to have a divorce in the first place was because Affleck allegedly cheated.

She has recently grown quite close with the bodyguard after Ben Affleck reportedly went back to the nanny he supposedly had an affair with.

We have to say though, that the employee turned love interest is the split image if her children’s father.

“As far as Jen is concerned, there’s nothing wrong with having a little eye candy in her life,” said one insider.

That is especially true considering that she went through a lot of humiliation because of her husband’s affair with their nanny.

“Now she can get the ultimate revenge by being seen on the arm of her hot bodyguard!” added the source.

“She can’t help but feel butterflies when he’s around. She can’t deny he’s very good-looking.”

Now, they even spend time together outside of the work hours as well!

The insider also revealed that he really talks to her and is a good listener and on top of that he always has her in fits of giggles with his humor.

The perfect man? Jennifer seems to think so considering it’s been years since she’s felt like that.

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