Jennifer Garner Shows Off Natural Beauty While Getting Nails Done

Jennifer Garner Shows Off Natural Beauty While Getting Nails Done
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There will always be fans who are sad that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner couldn't work it out simply because she's built up a reputation as America's sweetheart. Garner's recent movies are family and faith oriented, she brings her children to church regularly, she reportedly staged an intervention to help out Ben Affleck when he was at a low point, and she just seems like the cool mom next door who will do anything for her children and family.

Face it. Everyone loves Jennifer Garner.

New video footage of Jennifer Garner getting her nails done in Brentwood also shows how she isn't afraid to let celebrity or fame stand in the way of being the real mom who has to run out and do errands and get stuff done.

Looking flawless and not wearing a traceable drop of makeup, Jennifer Garner was spotted in Brentwood getting her nails done at a local salon.

She wore a long-sleeved red tee with the words "love is love is love is love" and her hair was loose and flowed. She wasn't wearing any makeup and the 46-year-old still looked gorgeous.

Mom to three children: Violet, Samuel, and Seraphina Rose, Ben and Jen definitely know a thing or two about co-parenting. From the beginning rumors of a relationship break up, the public responded with surprise about how much time the two spent together.

They took a vacation together where it seemed the purpose was to discuss the breakup and other issues, but what is clear is that these two are devoted to their family.

Yes, there will always be fans who root for these two to get back together, but they definitely have the next best thing in seeing them publicly spend time together as well as their healthy co-parenting.

Jennifer Garner has a birthday coming up on April 17, and her fans hope she'll find more time to rest and pamper herself as she seems like a woman who gives so much that at times she puts herself last.

What do you think about Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's post-marriage relationship? Do you feel that Jennifer Garner is a very caring woman who sacrifices a lot for others?

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