Jennifer Garner Says Her 13-Year-Old Son Won't Be Using Instagram For A Long Time Yet

Jennifer Garner Says Her 13-Year-Old Son Won't Be Using Instagram For A Long Time Yet
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According to a report from USA Today, Jennifer Garner probably won't be letting her 13-year-old daughter go on Instagram for at least a few years yet.

The 47-year-old Elektra alum recent sat down with Katie Couric for an interview in which the two women discussed the phenomenon where parents post pictures and videos of their children on social media platforms.

Regarding her daughter, Violet, the actress stated she won't let her use IG at the moment. While social media creates the impression that you're more connected, the actress claimed she was concerned about the implications of social media on her children's mental health.

Garner said to Couric that even for parents who aren't well-known, she worries about their kids dealing with this brand new pressure that other generations didn't have to deal with. The ex-wife of Ben Affleck stated she has witnessed the power social media has on her daughter's life.

Garner explained that her daughter is at an all-girls school, and social media has become a problem there. She stated, "and I can see why, because I'm on there." The star said if her daughter asks for it soon, she'll look toward science to decide.

In other words, if there are studies that come out soon which claim social media makes young women and girls happier, than she'll think about it, but for now, she doesn't see a benefit in using it. "You can look at mine when you want to," Garner began, "we can go over it together, but I just don't see it."

Paraphrasing what the actress said to the host, while Jennifer certainly wants to share her family with the world, the risks are too much to bear, and for very little gain. Referencing her experience with the media and paparazzi, Jennifer explained they were "hunted for so long," and it had an adverse impact on her children.

However, the actress emphasized she's not one of those people who complain about being in the media, but then continuously appear in public places for the sake of getting attention. The fact of the matter is, she and her family received unnecessary and "out of control" attention.

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