Jennifer Garner Reminds American Citizens That This Is 'The Most Important Election Of Our Time' - 'Go Vote!'

Jennifer Garner Reminds American Citizens That This Is 'The Most Important Election Of Our Time' - 'Go Vote!'
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While having a chat with Dr. Jill Biden, Jennifer Garner shared a message with the American citizens as well, which is to go vote in November! The actress reminded all of her fans and anyone else who cares to listen, just how important it is to use your right to vote, especially now!

Jennifer Garner and Dr. Jill Biden discussed the 2020 election during the Moms for Biden event and so, her message was definitely the appropriate thing to say.

The actress stressed just how important this election might be when compared to many that came before it and perhaps many more that will come after it.

After all, 2020 has been horrible in every single way ever since the beginning and voting right might help change things, especially amid the global COVID-19 pandemic that the United States is the epicenter of!

Furthermore, a good POTUS should also help a lot with the suffering economy as well as racial inequality in America.

‘People keep saying this is the most important election of our lifetime. Well, it is,’ Jennifer Garner stated during the Moms for Biden event.

Dr. Jill Biden went on to insist that her husband is sure to support children as well as families if he wins the November 3 election.

But Jennifer, who is obviously a supporter of Joe Biden, said that it’s not enough to just ‘hope’ that he’ll become the president this fall.

As far as she is concerned, people really need to exercise their right to vote in great numbers for that to become a reality.

Garner, who is a mother of 3, also discussed the dangers of having kids go back to school amid the pandemic.

‘Distance learning has highlighted a digital divide and [internet] access issues. It is local,’ she dished.

This comes as the current POTUS, Donald Trump, is pushing for schools to reopen as soon as possible.

‘The idea that we could be looking at a presidency, where small children, where families, where women, where people of color, where safety, where leadership is at the top of the list is – wow, it’s a lot to hope for. It feels like, really, really, we could have that. We have an awful lot at stake, don’t we?’ Jennifer Garner argued.

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