Jennifer Garner Posts Hilarious 'Love Note' Her 5-Year-Old Wrote #ReadBetweenTheFarts!

Jennifer Garner Posts Hilarious 'Love Note' Her 5-Year-Old Wrote #ReadBetweenTheFarts!
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Jennifer Garner's son is growing up and learning how to spell, but his newly acquired skill is making for some hilarious social media posts. The actress took to Instagram to share with her fans her 5-year-old son Samuel’s silly ‘love note’ to her!

‘Look who's learning to spell...’ Jen captioned the photo of a piece of paper that read ‘I love you’ but also the word ‘fart’ was there, surrounding the sweet declaration five times!

Among other hashtags, Garner also included a particularly funny and clever play on words that describes her son's note perfectly - ‘#readbetweenthefarts.’

Not too long ago, the star opened up in an interview about how she transitions from being a mother to a hardcore actress and the other way around, especially after shooting emotional scenes.

Garner explained that she usually uses her personal life to get emotional for some scenes a lot less than people would imagine.

The characters are a totally different story that she just figures out!

‘You just get into that place. That is your job, and then you shake it off, because you have to go home and raise your kids. It is just like any other time I do a scene with an emotional place.’

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