Jennifer Garner Not Calling John Miller Her 'Boyfriend' Just Yet - Here's Why!

Jennifer Garner Not Calling John Miller Her 'Boyfriend' Just Yet - Here's Why!
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Most fans have heard by now that following her divorce, Jennifer Garner has found herself a new man and while they look great together, it turns out that the actress is not yet ready to officially call him her boyfriend! Here’s why!

A few days ago, Jennifer Garner and John Miller were spotted out and about together for the very first time, but one report claims she is not willing to label their relationship just yet.

One insider tells People magazine that ‘She doesn’t call him her boyfriend. But she loves getting attention from John. They have fun together, and it’s easy.’

They may have a lot of fun with one another, but they have very separate lives at the same time.

‘She only sees John when she is not busy with her kids. He understands her kids are her number one priority.’

Not to mention that John is a CEO so he is very busy as well.

The source added that ‘Jen is in a good place. She's relieved that the divorce is finalized and Ben is doing well, too.’

Indeed, the two actors just finalized their divorce last month so it makes sense that Jen would want to take her time moving on.

The exes were married for no less than ten years and are the co-parents of three kids!

Despite ending things, Ben and Jen still care a lot about one another and have remained good friends.

In fact, she was the one to convince him to go to rehab for his alcohol addiction problems and even drove him to a facility.

The details of their divorce were actually finalized the very same day he completed 40 days in rehab!

Either way, she and her new man are super cute together, so hopefully, things will get more serious in the future!

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