Jennifer Garner Hits Back At People Magazine And Here's Why

Jennifer Garner Hits Back At People Magazine And Here's Why
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In an unprecedented move for Jennifer Garner, the famous actress took to Facebook to clear up a matter in the press. The 45-year-old star came out to say she did not participate in a People Magazine cover story - which was released this morning - indicating she didn't pose for the magazine or give the publication any quotes.

In case you're wondering, the story focused primarily on her divorce with Ben Affleck and how she has had "difficulty" moving on from Ben and hasn't found the time or the emotional strength to start dating again.

The magazine stated, "She still says Ben was the love of her life. She's certainly not jumping up and down screaming, "I'm single!" and planning dates!"

Jennifer wasn't happy with the way her life was portrayed! The magazine implied her family life has been a mess as of late, and Garner said it simply wasn't true.

The Dallas Buyers Club performer claimed her "family is complete" and she has "three wonderful kids."

The very same morning the issue was released, the 13 Going On 30 actress was seen in Los Angeles hanging out and laughing with her two daughters, Seraphina, and Violet who are eleven and eight respectively.

In Garner's Facebook post, she said, "It has been brought to my attention that there is a People magazine cover and article out today that appear to be coming from me."

The star added that it isn't unusual for her to hear from her friends and family that she is "pregnant with twins," or some other salacious gossip, but this time Jennifer felt she had to come out and clear the air.

She continued, "I wanted to set the record straight: I did not pose for this cover. I did not participate in or authorize this article."


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