Jennifer Garner Credits Boyfriend John Miller For Getting Her Into The 'Best Shape Of Her Life'

Jennifer Garner Credits Boyfriend John Miller For Getting Her Into The 'Best Shape Of Her Life'
Credit: Source: Entertainment Tonight

Jennifer Garner has been keeping her new boyfriend, John Miller , all to herself since they started dating. They have yet to walk the red carpet together; and instead, they have been working out at the gym and living the healthy lifestyle that the actress has always wanted. Now, insiders say Garner is “in the best shape of her life.”

According to Life & Style, Garner’s relationship with Miller is a lot different than the one she had with ex-husband, Ben Affleck.

“One of the big turn offs with Ben toward the end of the marriage was how inactive he was,” reveals an insider. “He let himself go and lacked motivation, but Jen and John are doing everything from pumping iron to Taekwondo to biking and hiking.”

The source says that both Miller and Garner are “big body and health nuts,” but it looks like her ex has also made an effort to jump on the fitness bandwagon. Affleck recently revealed during an interview on the Today Show that he tried Alex Rodriguez’s 10-Day Challenge, which is a no-carb, no-sugar diet.

The Gone Girl star said that he found out about A-Rod’s challenge by watching Today, and it inspired him to be healthier. The actor admitted that it was tough, but after the ten days, he felt better. Affleck added that the first two days were the worst because he is a fan of bread and sugar, but it was a beneficial experience.

Affleck did say that he cheated a little bit by consuming caffeine. He explained that cutting carbs and sugar for ten days was “terrible” when he was going through it. But, when it was all said and done, he felt “pretty good.”

As for Garner, she has one of the more entertaining celebrity Instagram pages on social media, but she recently revealed that her nanny is a fan of Chrissy Teigen.

Every time the Lip Sync Battle star posts pics of her children, Garner’s nanny likes them. And, the Alias star said that her nanny is one of Teigen’s biggest fans. When commenting on Teigen’s recent pic of her “gorgeous” kids, Garner joked about Teigen stealing her nanny, writing that the two women shouldn’t get any ideas.

Jennifer Garner added a heart emoji as well as a pair of watching eyes to her comment.

Teigen responded by saying that her kids aren’t always adorable, and she only posts the cute stuff.


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