Jennifer Garner And John Miller 'Have Gotten Serious' And She Spends Much Less Time With Ben Affleck Now

Jennifer Garner And John Miller 'Have Gotten Serious' And She Spends Much Less Time With Ben Affleck Now
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According to an insider report, Jennifer Garner’s relationship with her new man, John Miller is just getting stronger and stronger every day! That being said, it turns out that she has started to spend less time with her ex-husband and father of her children Ben Affleck as a result.

One source tells ET that Jen and John’s romance has gotten quite serious and that they are in each other’s company a lot!

Furthermore, they spend a lot of time with their kids from different marriages as well, seemingly already becoming a perfect blended family.

As fans know, Garner and Affleck share three kids while Miller is also the father of two children with his former wife, concert violinist Caroline Campbell.

‘Jen feels so lucky to have met John, and their relationship only continues to grow. They wanted to take it slow, but it's gotten serious, and they could not be happier. John has been at their Palisades house so much lately. They all [John, Jennifer and their kids] stay up late just playing board games,’ the insider shared with the outlet.

That doesn't mean the actress is ready to take their relationship to the next level, however.

Garner and Miller ‘are in the honeymoon phase in their relationship, and while they've spoken about a future together, neither of them are ready to plan a wedding or get engaged. Jen has no interest in jumping into marriage so quickly. She only just solidified her divorce so now she just loves all of their time together,’ the source dished.

Apparently, the two have a lot in common since they both love leading healthy lifestyles and the outdoors.

Besides, the CEO is not exactly a celebrity, and that is exactly what Jen has been wanting and needing in her life.


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