Jennifer Flavin And Sylvester Stallone Have Decided To Try Again

Jennifer Flavin And Sylvester Stallone Have Decided To Try Again
Credit: people

It has been confirmed that Flavin, who is 54 years old, and Stallone, who is 76, got back together exactly one month after she filed for separation on August 19, following 25 years of marriage. Flavin asserted in her file that the actor acted in the purposeful dissipation, depletion, and/or waste of marital property, which has had a detrimental economic impact on the marital estate. He denied these allegations. Flavin also charged that the actor engaged in these activities.

They have opted to let it ride again, according to a source who shared this information with PEOPLE. After that, they decided to go in the opposite direction and try again.

In addition, a representative for Stallone stated to Page Six on Friday that the couple, who has three adult daughters, decided to get back together at their residence. There, they talked to one another and resolved their issues through conversation. His representative also mentioned that they are both quite content.

According to a Hollywood insider who has spent time with the pair, they are extremely different people in terms of their ages and temperaments. What was once fascinating and challenging has become mundane and annoying in recent years.

A source close to Flavin shared their observation, "He tends to do things on a whim without consulting her first," the source said. Stallone had previously confessed to TMZ that he and Flavin disagreed regarding his new pet, Rottweiler. Still, he disputed that the dog was the primary factor in the couple's decision to no longer be together.

After spending so many years together, the Hollywood source claimed that even minor arguments could add up to a significant amount of tension, and another source revealed to PEOPLE that there was more than one issue that led to her decision to file for divorce. Over the years, they've had a lot of disagreements, and she finally reached her breaking point.


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