Jennifer Connelly Reveals That She And Her Husband Are 'Losing Track Of Time' In Quarantine

Jennifer Connelly Reveals That She And Her Husband Are 'Losing Track Of Time' In Quarantine
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In a new conversation with Emmy Magazine, Jennifer Connelly shared what she and her husband, Paul Bettany, have been up to for the past few months while under self-isolation and quarantine. Us Magazine reported on the interview today.

The 49-year-old Academy Award winner said that she and her husband have completely lost track of time. They hardly know what day it is anymore. "We don't go anywhere," Connelly explained, before going on to say that they haven't seen another person in a week.

Connelly says she misses the human connection. That's been the most difficult part of the quarantine. Reportedly, Connelly and Bettany chose to stay in the rural area rather than their primary home in New York City on account of the pandemic.

They have three children, Stellan, Agnes, and Kai, with their 22-year-old, Kai, staying in LA. As for what she and her family have been up to lately, Jennifer says they've been going out for walks on a regular basis.

As most know, many celebrities have vacation homes outside of their primary residences. Earlier today, it was reported that even Ryan Seacrest, the American Idol star, would be staying in California rather than returning to New York City, where the pandemic has hit the hardest.

Other sources stated, however, that the rumors weren't true, and that Ryan would be coming back to New York City to start filming Live With Kelly and Ryan as soon as they asked him to.

As it was previously reported, Ryan also suffered from a health scare in the middle of May. Connelly, on the other hand, has been staying in her rural home after television productions were put on hiatus.

Most production sets were shut down once the quarantine began, with many of them holding out until the last minute, including Wendy Williams, who reportedly begged to continue with her show. Since then, television show hosts have been filming from the comfort of their own homes, including Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Kimmel.

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