Jennifer Aniston's '11 11' Wrist Tattoo - What Does It Mean?

Jennifer Aniston's '11 11' Wrist Tattoo - What Does It Mean?
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Jennifer Aniston has an “11 11” tattoo on her left wrist that she has kept hidden both when she is on screen and when she is out in public. But, the Friends alum recently flashed the ink during a conversation with her co-star Lisa Kudrow during Variety’s Actors on Actors series, and fans are wanting to know what it means.

The Morning Show star has never revealed the meaning behind the tattoo, but an insider tells People magazine that Aniston is “very spiritual” and she believes that the numbers bring good luck. Another big influence was her beloved dog.

“The number 11 is also special to her because of her birthday (February 11) and Norman,” explained the insider, who added that Aniston “still misses” her Welsh Corgi-Terrier named Norman, who died in 2011.

Aniston has had the "11 11" ink for at least a couple of years. Cameras first spotted the small tattoo at the end of 2018, and the 51-year-old showed it off on the red carpet at both the 2020 Golden Globe Awards and SAG Awards while waving to cameras and fans.

The Emmy winner also has a tattoo to honor Norman’s memory on the inside of her right foot. This was the first-ever tattoo for Aniston, and it is her late dog’s name in cursive script. She got the ink not long after he died in 2011, and she said during an appearance on Inside the Actors Studio that it was her first time experiencing the loss of a pet.

“I have a dog now,” she told host James Lipton at the time. “My Norman just passed away about a month ago. And I remember thinking I had never walked through having to lose a pet. So just the idea of it. And Norman was getting up there at the time, so, again, easy access.”

Later in the interview, when Lipton asked Aniston what her favorite word was, she replied “Norman.” In fact, the dog was so important to her that she once bought an apartment in New York under the name “Norman’s Nest Trust.”

Before Norman’s death, Jennifer Aniston would take her “baby boy” with her everywhere - even on location.

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