Jennifer Aniston Under Fire For Pandemic Ornament As People Want The Actress Canceled

Jennifer Aniston Under Fire For Pandemic Ornament As People Want The Actress Canceled
Credit: Source: Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

Jennifer Aniston is under fire for a Christmas tree ornament that she put on her tree. Jennifer snapped a photo showing off the wooden decoration that was a circular round with a cut-out hole and had a piece of twine affixed to it on her official Instagram account. The ornament bore the following inscription: 'our first pandemic 2020.'  The photo was posted on her official Instagram story but ended up being posted on other social media platforms where people shared their opinions.

Jennifer's photo went viral on Twitter where it sparked calls for her to be canceled.

Jennifer is being called out of touch and insensitive — especially to the families of the 340,000 Americans who have died in the United States from COVID-19. Though some people who catch the virus fight it off without any complications, there are others who have lost entire families to the disease.

Many people feel that turning the pandemic into a Christmas ornament is insensitive and out of touch.

You may see the photo that Jennifer Aniston shared on her Instagram account below.

Source: Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

Others said that they felt her photo and even having an ornament like that on the Christmas tree made it seem like it was something to celebrate. It's most likely that the ornament was meant to be sarcastic and maybe even a flippant nod to President Donald Trump who has been taken to task by an overwhelming majority of Democrats and Liberals who hold him accountable for the lives lost due to a pandemic he initially referred to as a hoax.

Still, many people did not find any humor in the ornament and even hints of sarcasm weren't enough for them to cut Jennifer some slack. Some are saying she should be removed from her Apple TV hit series The Morning Show and the Friends reboot due to the ornament!

What do you think? Do you think the ornament was simply in poor taste or do you think it is callous enough that Jennifer Aniston should be canceled?

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