Jennifer Aniston Turns Back On Love After Justin Theroux And Brad Pitt Disasters

Jennifer Aniston Turns Back On Love After Justin Theroux And Brad Pitt Disasters
Credit: Us Weekly

Do not expect Jennifer Aniston to announce a new romance with Brad Pitt or anyone for that matter anytime soon.

While breakups are always painful, it seems that ending a marriage is even harder.

Last week, Aniston and husband Justin Theroux shocked the world by revealing that their seven-year romance had run its course.

Their very diplomatic statement promised a real friendship that withstand the test of time.

Rapidly fans flocked to social media to ask the obvious question, now that Pitt and his ex-wife Aniston are both single, will they give love another chance?

Mr. Pitt, who is still in the divorce process with estranged wife Angelina Jolie, was quick to close that chapter.

Via reliable sources, Pitt said he will be present for the Friends star but has no interest in having a romantic relationship.

And now a friend of Aniston has stated that she might give up on love because she knows how the story will end -- she will be alone.

An insider told Hollywood Life : “The older she gets, the more she feels like she just wants to live on her own, have her space, hang out with who she wants, when she wants and do whatever she feels like without having to worry about somebody else.”

The family friend seems to believe that the Pitt and Theroux disasters have ruined love for Aniston.

The spy went on to say: “At this point. Jen does not see the point in dating anyone— she has got an amazing circle of friends who are supportive and loving and give her all the emotional comfort she wants, without all the drama and constant compromise that comes with relationships. Obviously, she does not need a man to financially support her, and she does not want kids — despite all the reports that have been out there for years about how she is desperate to be a mom. Jen does not even feel like she wants to have sex right now, and she does not need a man to make her feel attractive or vital.”

Oddly enough, after splitting from Pitt, Jolie did several interviews explaining that her children are her priority and she is in no rush to date again.


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