Jennifer Aniston Says 'The Morning Show' Felt 'Cathartic' For Her - Here's Why!

Jennifer Aniston Says 'The Morning Show' Felt 'Cathartic' For Her - Here's Why!
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It sounds like Jennifer Aniston ’s latest project helped her a lot in her personal life as well! Here's how!

The actress talked about starring in The Morning Show, revealing that it felt like a ‘cathartic’ experience and why!

As fans know, the series appearing on Apple TV+ has Aniston portraying morning show host, Alex Levy, and her storyline is a lot about the press and public in general always picking her personal life apart.

Obviously, just like most other celebrities, Jennifer Aniston can totally relate to that concept.

During a new interview for The Los Angeles Times, the Friends star admitted that this project was like therapy for her.

‘That show was twenty years of therapy wrapped into ten episodes. There were times I would read a scene and feel like a whole manhole cover was taken off my back.’

One of those scenes happened in episode 2 when Jen ’s character heads to an event organized in her honor, breaking down on the way and forcing herself to push it all back and hold it together with the simple goal in mind of not ruining her makeup.

Aniston went on to explain that it was an ‘interesting for me to look at how I have always tried to normalize 'everything’s great, this is all normal,' and then there's moments you have your private breakdown…..To actually look at it from an actor-brain observing and acknowledging it, I had to look at it as opposed to pretending it does not exist.’

Playing this character definitely meant putting a lot of her personal experiences into it and being extremely vulnerable, which is why her amazing performance was even nominated for an Emmy!

Aniston admitted that she had many moments, just like her character, when all she could think of before an event was 'I don’t want to walk out onto the carpet,' 'I don’t want to be seen,' 'I don’t want to be looked at and everyone’s going to be talking about me and judging me'... that’s real.’


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