Jennifer Aniston Says She Almost Quit Acting For This Reason!

Jennifer Aniston Says She Almost Quit Acting For This Reason!
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Jennifer Aniston is one of the most well-known names in the movie and TV industry but as it turns out, she was very close to leaving Hollywood altogether at some point! This is what the actress revealed during a new interview, also explaining the reason why she was determined to give up acting for good.

According to Aniston, a certain experience she had in Hollywood led to her pretty much questioning everything to the point that she seriously thought about avoiding the spotlight for good, which also meant quitting her acting career!

Apparently, it was a certain project that caused her to experience feelings of disillusionment with the industry as a whole.

While a guest on her friends, Jason Bateman and Will Arnett’s ‘Smartless’ podcast, Jennifer Aniston revealed that, just before being given the opportunity to star on The Morning Show, which brought her a lot of praise, she had started to seriously second-guess her choices as far as her career in Hollywood was concerned.

‘I would have to say the last two years that has crossed my mind, which it never did before,’ Aniston dished, explaining that this began happening after completing an ‘unprepared project’ that ‘sucked the life out of’ her!

‘We’ve all been a part of them, you always say: ‘I’ll never again! Never again! I will never back up into a start date!’’ the actress went on to say, mentioning that the script was not ready and that she had to wait for three months in ‘limbo.’

At that point, Jennifer says she began to see fame as a ‘fantasy.’

But if she gave up acting, what other career path would she take?


Jen revealed that she would most likely go for interior design, gushing that ‘I love it. It’s my happy place. It’s really a happy place for me.’

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