Jennifer Aniston Reveals She Turned Down An SNL Audition Before Filming Friends Pilot

Jennifer Aniston Reveals She Turned Down An SNL Audition Before Filming Friends Pilot
Credit: Source: Instagram

It’s difficult to comprehend living in a world where Jennifer Aniston didn’t play Rachel Green on Friends, but she just revealed that we came extremely close to that being our reality. During a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM at the launch of their Hollywood Studios, Aniston said that before she shot the pilot for Friends , she turned down a major career opportunity that many actors would give everything for - a Saturday Night Live audition.

Aniston explained that she turned it down because she didn’t think that she would like the environment, even though she already knew some of the stars who were on the show at the time. Aniston remembers showing up to Rockefeller Center for a meeting with SNL showrunner Lorne Michaels and seeing Adam Sandler and David Spade, whom she had met in her early twenties through a guy she had done another TV show with.

The 50-year-old actress also admitted that at the time, she “was such a young twit” because she confronted Michaels about the treatment of women on the SNL set.

“I was like, ‘I think that women need to be treated better here.’ Because it was such a boys club,” she said. “You’re just, not the brightest when you’re in your early 20s. I didn’t lecture him, I was just saying what I would hope if I was to do this, what I would hope it to be.”

Not long after she passed on the SNL opportunity, Aniston landed Friends, which is a role she says she would be “nothing” without. Aniston admitted that everyone in the cast misses filming the show everyday, and the ensemble built a bond that has caused them to remain close ever since the sitcom went off the air in 2004.

Jennifer Aniston occasionally shows up in Instagram pics with her good friend Courteney Cox, and sometimes Lisa Kudrow is with them. Aniston and Cox recently posted a pic with Matt LeBlanc, but fans haven’t seen any photos or videos of all six main cast members together in years. However, she says that the “whole gang” - even David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry - just had dinner together this past week, and they all “laughed so hard.”

All ten seasons of Friends are currently streaming on Netflix until the end of the year. In the spring of 2020, the show will move to HBO Max.


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