Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Looking Forward To Her 50th Birthday!

Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Looking Forward To Her 50th Birthday!
Credit: Source: Instagram

Her birthday's right around the corner but it turns out that Jennifer Aniston is not worried or scared about turning the big 50! In fact, the actress is apparently looking forward to celebrating the milestone on February 11!

One insider told HollywoodLife that ‘Jen is looking forward to her fiftieth birthday much more than one would expect. She's had such an amazing life and she really feels that turning fifty isn't a death sentence, but just a chance to age gracefully and to have an even greater life ahead.’

They went on to dish that Jen is ‘completely invested and confident with turning fifty. It’s not a problem to her. The sky is absolutely not the limit. She knows that she looks great, she is in a good place personally and professionally, and she's only looking forward to what is ahead. It's really such a wonderful moment to look forward to for her.’

That is really great to hear since growing older is not easy for many, so Aniston is a great example of age being just a number!

Furthermore, there were also reports from the same outlet that said she is confident love will come her way again as well.

However, that is not to say she is not perfectly happy with her life at this moment.

In fact, her single life is so great that the source close to the actress claims only an extremely special man would convince her to give it up and start a relationship.

Besides, she does not see the point of getting married again, but the insider claims she is the epitome of ‘never say never’ in everything she does so only time will tell! For now, Aniston is keeping her options open.

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