Jennifer Aniston - Is She Jealous Amid Rumors Brad Pitt And Charlize Theron Are Dating?

Jennifer Aniston - Is She Jealous Amid Rumors Brad Pitt And Charlize Theron Are Dating?
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Amid rumors that Brad Pitt is dating fellow actress Charlize Theron after his divorce from Angelina Jolie, one insider report reveals how his other famous ex, Jennifer Aniston feels about the speculations. Is the woman that also went through a divorce not too long ago, disappointed that they did not use this opportunity to rekindle their old romance?

Is Jen jealous that Brad has potentially found love again?

The Sun was the first to report on January 21 that Brad and Charlize had been romantically involved ever since this past Christmas.

The outlet also claims that they were even introduced by her ex, Sean Penn!

Meanwhile, there is also another insider report by HollywoodLife that claims the rumors are not true; Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron are not in a relationship.

Regardless, the speculations are still going around, so how does Jen feel about them?

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Jen isn’t bothered at all by the recent speculation going around that Brad could be dating Charlize Theron. She’s moved on and not focusing or paying attention to any of it. She’s very busy working on herself and her new TV project. For Jen, Brad is a thing of a past, and whatever he does in his life now it’s his choice.’

They went on to dish that ‘She’s in a pretty good place herself right now and isn’t focusing really on anything but herself and her work. Jen is not jealous at all about Brad possibly dating Charlize. She tries to ignore the rumors and has worked hard to get over Brad…their love ended a long time ago.’

That is very good to hear since it doesn’t seem like the exes have a future together. Are you surprised Aniston is not jealous amid the Pitt and Theron dating rumors?


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